3/21/16: Special holiday items available!


We have pasture-raised, naturally cured smoked hams. These are made with himalayan sea salt, farm-made maple syrup, and no nitrates. 

 These orders will be delivered to-

Broad Street Market Harrisburg, PA for pickup:
Friday March 25 1-6pm 
Sat March 26 8am-4pm

 Thanks for your order, and Happy Easter!

This ecommerce page is currently disabled. Please check back soon.

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What People are Saying

Hi Brooks & Anna,
We have really enjoyed being members of the Meat CSA. We love knowing where our food comes from and how it is raised. It has also made us more adventurous and try new things.Inline image 1
Here are the pictures of the roast duck we made a couple of weeks ago. It was our first tome making duck and it was pretty great! 

Thanks so much for all you do and we look forward to the new CSA season.
Nancy & Dave 

"We LOVED being members of the CSA. As newbies, it was oddly exciting for us to see what we got each week. At this point, we don't think we can go back to grocery store fare (even if it is Wegmans).Love the emails advising of what was coming...it was helpful for meal planning. We're mostly clean/organic/try to be local eaters and eat vegetarian most days of the week, but it was important to us than when we eat meat that is local, humanely raised, nutrient rich. We also only previously purchased cheaper cuts of meat (whole chickens, pork shoulders, etc.), so getting pricier cuts has been a treat (hello pork chops!). And the fact that, over dinner one night, our 2.5 year old asked where her meat came from, makes it all worth it! :-)
Meat CSA Member

"I enjoy knowing where my food comes from! I also like the variety of meats provided. It makes me expand my meat horizons. I also love the specialty add on!!!"
Meat CSA Survey Respondent

"Great meat from a trusted source."
Meat CSA Member

"3rd year as members and look forward to picking up our order each month - good eats!"
Meat CSA Member