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***11/22/2015 - All new website orders are now suspended - however we do still have turkeys available. If you want a turkey and haven't ordered, you may come to the delivery sites: there will be turkeys in the 16 to 19 lbs range. Thanks!***


Now taking orders for Thanksgiving 2015

Pasture-raised, organically fed turkey, butchered fresh for Thanksgiving, delivered to a pickup site near you.  Visit our Turkey info page for details about pickups, and more information about how the turkeys are raised.  

Size ranges are wide because the finished turkey weight will depend on various growing conditions. We will do our best to match your requested size, and you will have your choice of available turkeys in the size range that you select when you pick up. This year, we raised all hens, and there is much less of a size difference. It seems like most of the birds will be between 18 and 24 lbs, so if you definitely need a very small turkey, we will probably not have it! We'll do our best to vary the sizes, and for those who want smaller turkeys, please order a medium and request the small side. There will likely be very few smalls this year.  
                                         Medium 14-19 lbs
                                         Large    16-21+ lbs

We are asking for a $25 downpayment to reserve your turkey.  Note that the remainder of your turkey cost will be due at the turkey pickup. 

Thanks for your order!

Sorry, Turkeys for 2015 are sold out!
Sorry, Turkeys for 2015 are sold out!
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