How it Works

The Meat CSA is a pay-as-you-go subscription meat program. Packages of grassfed and pasture-raised meats are available monthly at pickup locations in and around the Harrisburg, PA and D.C. areas.

Step 1 - Sign up

​              See the Share options below. Join to see more add-ons and a la carte store items available for members!​​


Step 2 - Trust your Farmer

Learn about pasture-based sustainable farming, and all things cooking and eating by joining our delivery service.


Step 3 - Pick up your Meats!

Most delivery sites have freezers for convenient pickup according to your schedule.

You are free to put your account on hold, change your options, or cancel at any time.


Enjoy feeding your family well.

Share Options

New, simplified packages.

New Small

Pork & Beef, 6 lb per month: $73

~3 lbs of beef cuts: ground, burgers, roasts, steaks

~3 lbs of pork cuts: sausage, roasts, chops, kabobs

New Medium

Pork & Beef, 10 lb per month: $108

~5 lbs of beef cuts: ground, burgers, roasts, steaks

~5 lbs of pork cuts: sausage, roasts, chops, kabobs

New Large

Pork, Beef, Turkey, & Lamb,

12 lb per month: $131

~5 lbs of beef cuts: ground, burgers, roasts, steaks

~5 lbs of pork cuts: sausage, roasts, chops, kabobs

~2 lbs of lamb OR turkey cuts (seasonally available; usually alternating every other month): lamb cubes, ground lamb, lamb roasts, ground turkey, sliced smoked turkey breast, smoked turkey legs, turkey sausage. 

Superior Quality: All North Mountain Pastures meats are raised with permanent access to pasture, which makes them dense in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids, and free of toxins and GMOs.

Superior Taste: Many people tell us our meat "tastes like it used to taste". We often hear that it is hard or impossible to go back to regular store bought products after getting used to ours (buyer be warned!)


Buy Local: Help change our food system into one that works for everyone; one that is made of many small, diversified producers. Many of our members want more of their money to stay in the local economy.  We make every effort to buy from local suppliers.

Know Your Farmer: Come visit the farm and see first hand where your food comes from! When you buy directly from us, and visit the farm, there is a relationship based on trust. You trust us to produce the highest quality food possible, and we trust you to support the farm. Read more about our "WHY" and transparency on the farm.


Convenience: All the meat you need for the month in the freezer, with no decisions to make, stores to visit, or orders to place.  Many of our Central Pennsylvania members are also Spiral Path Farm CSA members, which makes things easy to get your local organic produce and meat in the same place. 

Why CSA?

*You are guaranteed to receive the total quantity of meat that you pay for, however the breakdown of meat types may vary slightly from the above depending on cuts of meat available.

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask us anything!

"We LOVED being members of the CSA. As newbies, it was oddly exciting for us to see what we got each week. At this point, we don't think we can go back to grocery store fare (even if it is Wegmans).Love the emails advising of what was was helpful for meal planning. We're mostly clean/organic/try to be local eaters and eat vegetarian most days of the week, but it was important to us than when we eat meat that is local, humanely raised, nutrient rich. We also only previously purchased cheaper cuts of meat (whole chickens, pork shoulders, etc.), so getting pricier cuts has been a treat (hello pork chops!). And the fact that, over dinner one night, our 2.5 year old asked where her meat came from, makes it all worth it! :-)

-Meat CSA Member

"Hi Brooks & Anna,
We have really enjoyed being members of the Meat CSA. We love knowing where our food comes from and how it is raised. It has also made us more adventurous and try new things.
Here are the pictures of the roast duck we made a couple of weeks ago. It was our first tome making duck and it was pretty great! 









Thanks so much for all you do and we look forward to the new CSA season."
Nancy & Dave 

"I enjoy knowing where my food comes from! I also like the variety of meats provided. It makes me expand my meat horizons. I also love the specialty add on!!!"
Meat CSA member

"Great meat from a trusted source."
Meat CSA Member

"3rd year as members and look forward to picking up our order each month - good eats!"
Meat CSA Member

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