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Five years ago today....we bought a farm and had a baby on the same day.

April 6, 2016

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News from the Farm: Mud Season

April 4, 2018

Good morning friends and local food eaters,


Monday morning we awoke to a lovely snowfall.

"I thought it was spring now?!", my four year old said. 

Yeah. Us too.


"April Fool's!", says Nature.


Global "weirding" seems to be happening. Or... maybe it's just a fluke.

Whatever the explanation for this long winter, it is perpetuating a season that we have here on the farm. Maybe this season exists everywhere, but it is just more apparent and potentially problematic in farming.


It's called Mud Season.


It goes through winter and spring, corresponding with the ground thawing, high precipitation from snow and rain, and not a lot of ground cover. 


My kids think it's a real season. They talk about it naturally, like "when mud season is over..." or "Mom will be mad if you don't take your boots off in mud season ".


Monday morning, I took this photo:

Six hours later, the same scene looked like this:

This is reality folks. The truth of what it looks like, un-touched up. 

These are the pictures that aren't normally shared.

We like to display the green, sunny, pretty pictures. 

But mud season is a real phenomenon, with real challenges. We think food eaters deserve to know about the transparent realities of where their food comes from, and that means how it is grown, year round, in varying conditions.

Sometimes farmers can't get into their fields because it's too wet for weeks or months.
Sometimes they think they can, and get their tractors and other equipment stuck.

Driving in and out of places with vehicles for routine feeding and care becomes a challenge in this kind of mud.